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Me Welcome to Dartmoor Weather featuring current weather conditions, local forecasts, radar and satellite imagery, webcams, historical data and accounts and a blog on interesting weather! The site was launched in autumn 2013 and I hope it will become a centre for those wishing to explore the wonderful world of Dartmoor's weather. My name is Will Hand and I am a retired meteorologist having worked for 42 years in the Met Office. I have lived in Haytor for over 10 years and have walked all over the moor in all weathers. If you wish to contact me then please click here. Use the links at the top to navigate the site or simply scroll down.

Old farmhouse in January 2013 There are very few weather observation sites on Dartmoor that report current conditions. However, you can select a location from the list below. If you know of any that are not listed here then please let me know. My thanks to the enthusiasts at these sites.

Lustleigh cleave in May    Daily Forecasts
The best source of daily forecasts is the Met Office.
  1. Click here for forecasts for the summit of Tors on Dartmoor.
  2. Click here for forecasts for other places. The default here is Princetown but you can select another place once on the Met Office site. E.g. Okehampton.
Of course you could always download the BBC weather app to get daily forecasts on the move. (Apart from the Tor summits). Go to here to download to your phone.

   Weekly Forecasts
The only reliable weekly forecast specifically for Dartmoor that I am aware of is my own!
The forecast is available every Thursday or Friday here. Make sure you check this out to prepare for the week ahead.

Tavy cleave    Long range Forecasts
The Met Office provides 3 monthly forecasts for the UK. They are primarily aimed at contingency planners but they are available to the public here (Scroll to bottom of Met Office page).

And, of course you can always look at my very own Winter and Summer forecasts here! (I'll let you know when they are updated in LATEST NEWS at the top of this page).

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MSG IR image Good resolution satellite data and sequences of images is available from the Met Office here.
An explanation of what you are looking at is also offered.

The image on the left is an infra-red image updated hourly from Eumetsat. You may need to refresh this Dartmoor page to get the latest.

Radar rainfall images centred on Dartmoor are also available from the Met Office every 15 minutes following this link. (The marker on the Met Office map indicates the location of Haytor Vale on the eastern slopes).

Please note, however, that radar does not always detect drizzle.


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Dartcom webcam image The image on the left (updated every 10 minutes) is the excellent webcam run by Dartcom at Powdermills near Postbridge. Other cameras are listed in the links below. If you are aware of any others please let me know. Return to top of page

picture of a bluebell I intend to provide links here to interesting accounts of Dartmoor weather in the past. This is still work in progress.

I have provided a comprehensive climate summary of the weather at Haytor since 2003. This includes snowfall information. Click here for Haytor Climate summary.

Princetown probably has the longest climate record but seems to be no longer running. Click here for old Princetown information. (Unfortunately no snowfall data).

At Haytor I have also set up a page that details the weather every day going right back to 2003. These observations are manual and high quality being taken in a Met Office standard Stevenson screen and a 5" rain gauge, both properly sited. You can browse the data from here.

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picture of a tree in the snow

This blog provides information on interesting weather as it happens! Look out for announcements in LATEST NEWS at the top of this page.

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This page was created and is managed by Will Hand. To contact me click here.
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This site first went live on Monday 21st October 2013. Page updated on Saturday 20th September, 2014.